Apple Mac is here to stay: OS X won't merge with iOS

"We believe, no."

"It's obvious and straightforward adequate in order to slap any touchscreen upon a piece of hardware, however is that an excellent experience?" Federighi added.

Apple Mac is here to become able to stay: OS X won't merge together with iOS | news | PC Pro

Indeed, Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth predicted last year that Apple would converge the two platforms, and three in many years past the identical speculation had been considered upon PC Pro's blogs.
Apple Mac is here for you to stay: OS X won't merge together with iOSMacBook Air Gallery
Apple features mentioned your Mac and also OS X won't ultimately merge with almost all the iPhone and also iOS. "This device [the MacBook Air] has been honed over 3 decades to become optimal" regarding such input devices, he advised the particular magazine. That Will move has widely been considered a mistake, as well as now even Microsoft is predicted to rejig the actual OS to make it work better using normal desktops along with laptops.
Federighi poured cold h2o around the idea. "You don't wish to the Mac became less proficient at being a new Mac simply because someone tried to turn it straight into iOS," he said, nevertheless noted that will they'll have got a lot in typical - certainly not least simply because they're built through the exact same team using the exact same goals.

Instead, it's because a new keyboard and also mouse/touchpad are generally the proper device with regard to laptops, he said.

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"The purpose OS X features a distinct interface when compared with iOS isn't since one came after one other or even because this one's previous and additionally this one's new," Craig Federighi, head of software program engineering, told your magazine. That Will belief is at stark contrast in order to - along with most likely a dig with - Microsoft and also Windows 8, which in turn makes use of the same Metro Commence Screen irrespective of device, whether or not it's a touchscreen laptop as well as one using a standard keyboard along with mouse. "So you'll discover their whereabouts end up being exactly your same exactly where that makes sense, and you'll see them vary within individuals things that tend to be critical with their essence."
It's obvious and easy sufficient for you to slap any touchscreen upon a piece of hardware, yet is that an excellent experience?

Phil Schiller, head regarding marketing, stated it would be considered a "waste of energy" for you to merge OS X and iOS - the move that's been rumoured now that will the 2 OSes talk about a number of features.

By Nicole Kobie
In a task interview together with Macworld in order to mark the 30th anniversary in the Mac, an Apple executive stressed that, although Macs and their mobile siblings share many features, there's a reason why they've got various systems

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